A match made in heaven – Antiques and Classic Cars!!!!

According to Carl there are 2 great treasures in life – beautiful antiques and classic cars!! Following the success of the iconic E-Type last year, we have been confirmed as a supplier once again to the Antiques Road Trip.

E-type Jaguar at wedding

The first car to play host to the celebrity antique dealers will be the VW Camper – Our Geoffrey II and then later in the year the E-Type and MG are planned to follow into TV stardom – we are hope it doesn’t go to their heads 🙂

Blogs 004

As you can see Grandad Carl and Ryder are having a practise to prepare the car for adventures in antiques!! So if you are planning to book a car with us, you can show your friends and family the car on the TV and spend the day with a celebrity 🙂

Can’t wait for the pictures!