About Carl

I always loved cars as a child and now as I’ve got older the cars I loved are now classics!

I think the old cars are better than the new ones, they look good, have individual designs that a person can relate to, character, and they are interesting and enjoyable to drive. Its just something a bit different to normal life, driving in new cars doesn’t let you live out your memories and nostalgia. When I am driving mine I think about happy times when I was younger, thinking about how much I would love to have one!

Carl & grandson

So now I live in awesome North Yorkshire with spectacular scenery on my doorstep, driving my cars, living out my childhood dreams of owning them.

Yorkshire DalesI like to share my cars with others and can honestly say there is no better feeling than driving in the Yorkshire Dales with my grandson giggling away and pointing at animals in the fields – priceless! For us a special day means we take our time, visiting villages and streams to throw stones in, have cakes and buns at tea-rooms (I might get to all of them before he starts school), lovely lunches in pubs with real fires and beer gardens, or for a special treat a ride on a steam train – everyone I meet like to talk about the cars so there are always great stories to hear from people that appreciate life, and, of course lots of treats! What more do you need?

The Yorkshire Dales gives you the choice about whether you want to visit somewhere with lots of people or be in peace, the car can match your mood and allow you to be free to do what you want. If your going to drive a classic car you need to be in classic scenery. Time is short in life so I think its important to enjoy what you have when you can. Working hard makes you appreciate these things even more but its great to escape and live in the fantasy world for a day or afternoon with not a care in the world.

E-Type JaguarWhen I left school I had 2 friends that were twins and I said to them…

“I’m gonna have an E-Type one day – I wonder where my E-Type is?”

They said they would never imagine having one but for me it was just a matter of working hard and then finding one 10 years later and I still think its the best car in the world. All the film stars had them in the 60’s and it was the ultimate sex symbol.

Rolls RoyceI had my first Rolls Royce when I was 27 but fell on hard times so it took me until a few years ago to get another one. For me the Rolls is about luxury and a symbol of success. Its a car you drive with care so it can be enjoyed by the people who are travelling in it and who see it on the road.

Our way of living as a family is that we all work hard and contribute to making a better future for ourselves and the children so its only right that the cars pay their own way too. We live in the best location and if the cars are being enjoyed by the right people then we can do our bit in supporting the local businesses as well.