Lovely Levisham, plans for Halloween adventures and family time :)

I am happy to say that my daughter in law is due any day with baby number 3 (and grandchild no 5, I’m so proud!) , so to help my son achieve her expectations on the volume of renovation work that they are attempting to complete (I think the term is ‘nesting’), I thought I would take her and the kids out for a family day in the Rolls and leave him in peace 🙂

Weather is expected to be sunny and showers today – where shall we go? A scenic route is needed to catch up on the weeks business and allow Ryder a little snooze!

First stop is lunch at the Postgate at Egton, delicious food with Mark and Shelley Powell, real chips and a we were fortunate to see a rally of Mini’s and motorbikes drive through the village.

Next we head to Levisham for some steam train therapy and also to see if we can find Platelayers Cottages which I found out about near the station, if available these will enable me to put my Halloween plans into operation for the grandchildren!!

The drop down into Levisham is just spectacular…………

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A sneaky icecream for me and Ryder at the station kiosk while we wait to see the steam trains and a visit to the local artist Christopher Ware that has his workshop at the station (envious I am!)

The Rolls even looks good sparkling in a shower 🙂Blogs 228Then off we go in search of Platelayers, just a little way up from from the station, as we are driving up the road, I say “Liz, can you imagine just getting off the train on Halloween with the kids, OMG! the post bus (my preferred form of transport for 5 children to get around) has broken down, we’ll have to find a cottage to stay at for the night kids!!!”, we go up the road, maybe see if we can hang some things out of the trees on the way and BOOM! here we are at Platelayers cottage, with Halloween trimmings everywhere, bonfire and fireworks 🙂 What do ya reckon?! I am already excited to see how they react and Liz loves the idea!!

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So we are booked in for 2014, can I wait that long? I’ll have to have a ponder and see what I can arrange for this year! We head back at a leisurely pace with a quick cream tea to share at – yum!

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